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What is HIIT?

HIIT is a training approach in which high-intensity phases alternate with several rest phases. This stimulates the metabolism and increases the uptake of oxygen. These recovery phases are important so that you can go all out again in the next set and train with high intensity in the last laps, which would not be possible without breaks.

Overall, you train longer at a higher intensity. To better understand what we mean by that, let's first look at the two phases:

  • High intensity phases: High intensity means that your heart rate is between 70% and 100% of your personal maximum heart rate during training. A lap can last from 20 seconds to several minutes.

  • Recovery phases: During this time your pulse can calm down and you can prepare yourself physically (and mentally) for the next high-intensity phase. How quickly your heart rate drops depends on your ability to regenerate and the duration of the recovery phase.

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